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Below are some of the Drupal projects I've built.

TL;DR: If you encounter the error, "The provided host name is not valid for this server. " while trying to install Drupal 8, and you have just created a new virtual host in Apache for your site,you may have forgotten to a2ensite your new host!

For example (in Ubuntu):

sudo a2ensite examplesite.conf

Then restart Apache for your site enable to take effect:

sudo service apache2 restart

A fan site for SuperCell's mobile game Clash of Clans. The site provides a faceted search interface for finding popular YouTube video's with strategies for the game.

Notable features:

  1. Faceted search powered by Apache SOLR.
  2. Panels and Views jump menu's to provide alternative ways to browse site content.

On this project I was the Drupal consultant, working with Human Service Solutions for The Mentor Network.

The client needed various updates to their site, including theme updates, a few new content types for news and landing pages, security updates, etc.

Drupal 6 website completed for Independent Adoption Center. The site features two main components: searchable user profiles for adoptive families, and a social network for birth parents.

On this project I was the developer for both the front-end and back-end.  I worked with a graphic designer and a project manager.  The site relies on several custom modules, including a custom search module to deal with the complex searches required by the adoption agency.

Notable features include:

Main website for Independent Adoption Center, built in Drupal 7, and migrated from a legacy website built in html and perl.

This project was completed by myself and a graphic designer. I handled site architecture, front and back-end development, and the migration process, while my partner handled the design and copy writing. A lot of progress in search engine rankings had previously been made, and so maintaining the SEO of the site during migration was of primary importance. After launch, the site continued to gain rankings on its most important key phrases.